Wednesday, November 29, 2006

time to post something

I've been looking at Travis Charest's space girl strip.. and I like the format (, and I like what Gabriele Pennacchiolio is doing ( so I thought I'd copy from them and do my cowboy 'strip' one panel at a time (like a storyboard)..
have to decide whether to full colour it or greytone it.. but here's the inks in the meantime..

Friday, November 03, 2006

been drawing (some) just not posting.. however I haven't drawn every day so... one more time up the hill..
anyway.. tonight I 'built a set' for the first vignette in my western strip.. google sketchup.. it's free, it's fully 3 dimensional modeling and it's pretty damn cool.. if you draw anything with a repeating set (inside or out) I fully recommend mocking up the set with this thingy..
here's some 'flattened' jpegs of the set..